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"Peace!”​ is a collection of both well known, not so well known, and original compositions and arrangements of  songs that speak to our searching  and waiting in Advent through the joy of Christmas.  The Band always wanted to transfer some of the magic of the tunes we love to play in our Christmas season to the studio.   We could not include all our favorites but we hope these add some new magic and sense of peace and joy to your holiday season.  

Change the World​​



The Third Sunday Band returns with a new compilation of original tunes and favorite songs often heard at the Band's live shows and worship services. The original compositions draw on the theme of using our gifts and treasures to change the world. The music speaks to the roots of our faith and making a difference for God's creation and his people. Nothing is impossible with the power of the Holy Spirit and these songs demonstrate that any musical style provides a possibility to praise God and celebrate our faith. Musical diversity is a true signature of the Third Sunday Band. Enjoy this soundtrack on your journey to Change the World!

Third Sunday

The Band's first self-titled CD was recorded live in the studio and features arrangements of contemporary Christian songs and a recording of the original blues sanctus. This was our first experience with recording and most songs were recorded in 1 or 2 takes.  The sound captures more the feel of the Band in person in its early days without a drummer.

Darkness on the Run

Darkness On The Run features 13 new original songs from the Third Sunday Band.  The title reflects a recurring theme in this music -- shining some light through the darkness that can sometimes fill our world.

You Are Creation

"You Are Creation" is Third Sunday’s second CD.  Unlike its first effort, all 16 tracks here are original compositions by the Band.  Recorded in multiple studio sessions in 2006, the Band uses ballads, blues, reggae, rock, folk, and traditional music, to explore our Christian life...its joys, struggles and its call to serve.  It features new songs from George Hazen, Norm Mayfield and Al Todd and several collaborations featuring words from lyricist John Sutton.  The songs are not only celebrations of God's greatness, but personal....speaking from our hearts to yours.  In this recording of original music, the Third Sunday Band establishes its own unique style of offering to God.

All our music can be purchased at or any major streaming service (itunes, Amazon music, etc.)

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