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Darkness on the Run


"Darkness On The Run" marks the Third Sunday Band's return with a second CD of all original work. It has been two years since "You Are Creation" and many of the songs were written during a week-long (and hurricane filled) spiritual retreat on North Carolina's Outer Banks.

The title reflects what this band's music does-- shine some light through the darkness that can sometimes fill our world. The opening song, "Rise Up", captures the feel of an Outer Banks sunrise, where the song was written to celebrate God's awesome power. Guitarists Al Todd and Norm Mayfield have also penned several inspirational ballads that contemplate our faith like "Prayer For A Wandering Soul", "Grant Them Peace", and "Bring It All To Me" and teamed up with lyricist John Sutton to create folk-rock celebrations like "Let It Go" and "Good Things Happen". Lead singer Emilie Stafford delivers a soulful Angel By My Side and a laid-back beach house meditation with "There's A Wind".

Some songs arise from our searching for meaning in the events of the day. Both the jazzy "Prayer For Peace" with Jeanne Burton on lead vocals and the blues rocker "Keep Your Eye On Me" were inspired by the sad state of the world on the 5th anniversary of 9/11. Throw in a taste of bluegrass, calypso, and a little gospel and you have the eclectic sound of the Third Sunday Band.

Third Sunday Band has its home in Annapolis, MD. This group of musicians and friends offer an organic blend of vocal harmonies, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboard, harmonica, mandolin, flute, and percussion producing joyous music that is a blend of folk, rock, jazz, calypso, country and blues styles. If you are ever in Annapolis on the 3rd Sunday of the month, stop by St. Margaret's Church and join this group for worship.

Keep your eye on Me

Prayer for Peace

There's a Wind

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